Copyright and Permissions

With the aim of this website being a visual exploration of queer Ireland, the content required to contextualise the research undertaken by the group was mainly found in archival material. In examining and reproducing archival material, the copyright and permissions required have had to be taken into account. The information available from government sources on copyright pertaining to the archive as an institution is limited, however, the general guides give an idea of what is allowed and what is required.

The content accessed for the purposes of this research were from both privately owned and state-owned archives. The Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 states that any material originally created with the intention of being visible in the public domain can be then recirculated with the public domain in accordance with the fair dealing guides set out in the act (section 50, 4). The reproduction of the work in the public domain is allowed on the basis that the new context in which it is shown does not oppose the original meaning of the material. In this case, the intention of the website must be to circulate these images with regard to portraying the hidden history of the LGBT community in Ireland.

In regard to the Cork LGBT Archive, the permission was granted by Orla Egan to photograph the material from the archive she is working with, which is privately owned and the permissions (where possible) have been obtained from the original authors. The reproductions of the ephemera being used in the website will provide in full, acknowledgement to Orla in accordance with the moral rights stated in the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000.

Seeking permission from the National Photographic Archive has proven more difficult. The state-run archive has more regulations in place regarding the recirculation of the images as they have a high standard of production which they must uphold. The material required for this research project has not yet been catalogued and so no official reproduction existed of the work which could be reintroduced back into the public domain.